Specialised Dinghy provided by HSF to Hansa Class UK Sailing for the Disabled

HSF are delighted to provide £6250 for a specialised dinghy for Hansa Class UK. The new Hansa 303 sailing boat is safe, stable and easy to sail especially for beginners! It cannot capsize due to the heavy keel and has adjustable electronic controls to steer and manage the sails. The boat will enable all to enjoy sailing whatever their disability.

Hansa Class UK became a CIO in 2016 and is run entirely by volunteers. 6 of the trustees are disabled sailors so have plenty of experience understanding the difficulties faced by people with a disability who enjoy sailing.

The idea to set up a mobile unit came from realizing that not everyone has access to a dinghy suitable for people with a disability, especially those with the most severe disabilities. There are sailing events held throughout the year and the dingy will be used both for more experienced sailors and for those who want to try it for the first time. Being able to transport the boats will open up so many opportunities for disabled people across the UK.

Hansa Class UK commented “ A very big thank you to The Henry Surtees Foundation for their generous donation for the purchase of a sailing dinghy. This boat will be taken to our sailing events throughout the UK and will give a great deal of pleasure to many disabled sailors.”

For more information visit: www.hansaclass.org.uk

Richard Martell