HSF helps funds custom made sports wheelchairs to two Wheelchair Rugby Clubs

HSF have once again donated £11,000 to both the London Wheelchair Rugby Club and Ospreys Wheelchair Rugby Club to fund the purchase of custom made, specialised sport wheelchairs enabling more disabled club members to participate in the sport.

Wheelchair rugby is the only full contact wheelchair sport out of 14 Paralympics sports and is generally played by men and women over 16 who have spinal cord injury or physical disability or upper limb disability. Most of the team players would agree that taking part in a wheelchair rugby game — which is such a physical challenge to most, often enables them to forget that they are disabled.

London Wheelchair Rugby Club is a premiership wheelchair rugby club champion, national league champion and 4 times European club champion. It provides opportunities for disabled people for social interaction, sports and up to Paralympic level with its diverse range of players.

For more information, visit: www.londonwrc.com

Ospreys Wheelchair Rugby Club provides sporting and rehabilitation opportunities for people with a disability. According to Ospreys it doesn’t matter the age of the player or the ability or disability the Club welcomes new players and say that playing wheelchair rugby aids rehabilitation, increases self-confidence and enables the player to lead a more active and social life. Currently one of the Ospreys Wheelchair Rugby players is in the GB development squad for the World Wheelchair Rugby Cup. For more information, visit: www.ospreysrugby.com

Richard Martell