HSF Donate £30,000 towards The London Air Ambulance 'Whole Blood Project'

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London’s Air Ambulance service is now piloting pre-hospital ‘whole blood’ transfusions in an effort to reduce mortality rates and improve patient outcomes.

The Whole Blood Project commented “your support will help us launch this important study which has the potential to save the lives of people suffering catastrophic bleeding after traumatic injury.”

The Service is able to carry out a pioneering two-year study to evaluate the impact of delivering whole blood transfusion in a pre-hospital setting in London. Many patients suffer from catastrophic bleeding and tragically some die at the scene as a result of their severe blood loss. The teams constantly strive to deliver cutting-edge medical care at the scene of incidents and in 2012 the service made history as the first air ambulance in the UK to carry blood on board its aircraft and cars.

Evidence suggests that survival rates may improve following traumatic haemorrhage if the service are able to transfuse red blood cells, along with plasma, on-scene. The team plan to undertake a pioneering study over the next two years to evaluate the impact of delivering whole blood transfusion in the pre-hospital setting. The study will require dedicated research support, laboratory equipment as well as education and training. The estimated cost is approximately £226,000 over two years.

For more information visit: https://bartscharity.org.uk/news/whole-blood/

Richard Martell